Sunday, March 12, 2006

Transfer of Authority

I'm going to upload some of my favorite pictures, starting with some of soldiers.

This is a photo from our outgoing transfer of authority, when we handed the battle off to the 101st Airborne. This shows our Commanding General saluting. Our unit crest is below him, and he's surrounded by both the US and Iraqi flags. Our soldier is in tan, and the 101st soldier is in the new ACUs.

This photo is of a battalion commander, awaiting the action. The 101st Div Commander was late for the ceremoney, and we all stood around waiting for him.

This photo shows our XO, surrounded by cameras from mostly Iraqi media.

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Anonymous said...

I served under General Gayhart in Iraq also. I don't think I ever met a General who knew less or cared less for the soldiers under his command, especially those attached from other states. We all thought he was pretty ignorant.