Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Still waiting

The highlight of drill last weekend was a mandatory ethics brief. We still don't have much to do because we haven't developed training schedules for the year and because our equipment still has not arrived.

We can't really do training schedules because of the huge reorganization and reshuffle. When a battalion moves from south Idaho to north Idaho, that tends to suck all available time. Essentially we will be doing only individual catch-as-catch-can (aka hip pocket) training.

Our equipment is arriving in Colorado, and is being staged to ship here. It should be here this month, and then we can start to unpack. Personally, I'm most looking forward to getting my nice Bose computer speakers so I can play music while at work.


Don Cox said...

You've been putting up some interesting pictures the past couple of weeks. Thanks.

Alan said...

You're welcome. I hope to continue. Since I'm not around military types so much now, it's harder to find things to post, so I resorted to photo blogging.